Breathe Easier With New Cabin Air Filter

Clean air helps you breathe easy while driving, especially if you’re stuck in gridlock.

A clean cabin air filter is essential for healthy air inside your vehicle. It captures dust, bacteria, pollen and mold spores--contaminants that exacerbate allergies.

The filters come in especially handing during the winter, when you’re more likely to be driving with windows closed. They’re also vital in early spring, when allergens are in the air.
Vehicle car experts suggest swapping out your cabin air filter at least once a year. They’re relatively inexpensive, and those with respiratory concerns might benefit from changing the filters seasonally, or twice a year.

Signs you might need to change your cabin air filter:

  • Musty odor inside the cabin. There could be many causes for the odor, but don’t forget to swap out your cabin air filter to be safe.
  • Reduced air circulation in the vehicle. Clogged cabin air filters are ineffective, be sure to replace yours at least annually. Simply changing your cabin air filter dramatically improves the air quality in your vehicle.
  • Poor climate control performance. A cabin air filter that’s past its prime can create problems with your ventilation system. Sometimes simply changing out the cabin air filter is enough to correct a problem.

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