Seasonal Driving

National Park Closures And COVID-19: What To Know Before Heading Out

The first blossoms of spring usually usher in national park season across America. Spring of 2020 has been anything but a typical year, however. What is the status of our beloved national parks in light of precautions against the spread of novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19? Can drivers visit and what can they expect?

Festivities Planned For Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River catching fire and an oil spill in Santa Barbara helped spur the creation of “Earth Day”, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Find out more about Earth Day and some of the upcoming events devoted to the third rock from the sun.

Family hiking: Letting dog be your guide

One North Carolina native believes she has found a way to unlock the beauty and wonders of nature to America’s internet-crazed youth.

For Ellen Eastwood the answer lies in four paws and a discriminating nose. Her guidebook, “The Trail Hound’s Handbook, Your Family Guide To Hiking With Dogs,” teaches kids how to have fun in the wilderness with man’s best friend.